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An Eventful Kickstart to 2019

Our events in Budapest

Crafted from fish leather and made by artisans around the world, our products are exclusive and
global. It’s only fair to ensure they travel around the world! The sustainable fashion world saw much of them at the beginning of the year in Budapest, Hungary. The fashion soiree with Viwine held on 25th of January and Szimpla pop-up fashion market that was on the 26th of January
were some of the most fun things we did at the start of the new year.

It’s pretty safe to say accessories complete an outfit. At the Think In Big project event, Viktoria Vince Bor, creator of Viwine, styled her exquisite couture with M A Y U bags, giving the collection an eccentric touch. The models carried the outfits beautifully, exhibiting a truly fresh and sustainable take on luxury. The wallets on chains made quite a statement and received an overwhelming appreciation from the audience which included some of Hungary’s fashion stalwarts, company leaders, entrepreneurs and investors within the Think In Big project. This was a great start to the year for us because the participants could look, touch and feel the peculiar, sustainable material of MAYU products.

The following day, Szimpla Ruin Bar, an eclectic spot in Budapest, known for its recycled art installations, showcased our products along with thirty other Hungarian luxury brands. This exhibition grabbed the attention of many locals and foreigners looking for inspiration and a local Hungarian TV channel, Duna TV.

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