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Be a Part of the Solution, Not the Pollution!

Don’t we all love sunsets? Most of us look at the sinking sun as a perfect fantasy of solitude. A book on your lap, coffee in your hand and that undisturbed gaze out into the glowing horizon. What a view! Except for the hazy buildings and the swirling smog, of course. Caught up in our daily routines, it becomes very easy for us to dismiss air pollution as a modern-day curse – something we just have to live with. After all, it did spike with the industrial revolution and what can we do right? WRONG.

Air pollution is a giant of a problem and it’s perched on all our shoulders, whether we’re from developing nations or developed nations. In fact, developed nations are subjected more to indoor pollution, a silent killer! From the cooling or heating systems that emit toxic fumes to the chemicals in the paint that we deck up our wall with, we are simply not breathing clean air. According to a World Environment Report, only 8% of the people on our planet have the luxury of breathing clean air. Here’s where we need to stop and really ask ourselves a vital question – When did clean air become a luxury?

Here’s where we stand today – air pollution is responsible for more deaths than many better-known risk factors such as malnutrition, alcohol use, and physical inactivity. That being said, many countries are taking some aggressive actions to fight air pollution. In fact, China has shown the first signs of progress in reducing air pollution. This year’s World Environment Day was aligned to China’s campaign to #BeatAirPollution.

What did we do at MAYU? Roll up our sleeves and get to work, of course! We took part in UN’s mask challenge and distributed protective masks at the grassroot levels – auto (tuk-tuk) drivers! We conducted a small drive where we educated them on the impact of harmful vehicle emissions and how every person can make a difference. We also believe that green can be happy! On special occasions we hand out plants to our loved ones and acquaintances, hoping that we can make their surroundings just a bit cleaner.



Here are some quick tips that you can follow to pitch in!

1. Conserve energy, everywhere and whenever you can! Switch off those lights when you don’t need them. Don’t keep the AC running if it’s not too hot. Go for a swim!
2. Find out if you there is an electricity option in your area offering renewable energy, or ask your current provider if the option exists.
3. Avoid single-use plastics, such as water bottles, straws and plastic bags.
4. Compost waste instead of burning it
5. Gift plants, keep them in your homes, plant them, love them!

You can find out more about this year’s World Environment Day at MAYUreads

And if you’d like to know more about what MAYU is all about and why we’re just so crazy about this planet, check out our website.

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