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Every Traveler’s Ultimate Checklist

‘Tis the season to unwind and explore! With the holidays coming up, it’s finally time to take a break and get a change of scenery. No matter which part of the world you’re planning to visit, here are a few things to keep in mind if you’re an adventurer on the go!


1. Safety First

Traveling in an unknown place is sure to face some safety challenges. It is likely you’ll hear about this time and time again from friends and family while you are planning your trip especially if you are traveling alone. The first and unspoken rule for this is to get insured. If you’re going overseas, travel insurance is a must! Next, save any emergency apps and contacts necessary. Like with everything else in life, adventure has its cons – don’t try anything you’re not instinctively sure of! With social media becoming an important part of our lives, it’s important to remember that it’s not worth capturing memories in risky situations where you need to be alert! Carry accessories / wallets with slings or chains so they’re harder to grab and run. Bonus points for those with secret pockets to store some spare cash!


2. Less is More

When you’re out and about town, using public transport or walking down the city streets, the less you carry, the more thankful your shoulders will be at the end of the day! Pack smart and small. Invest in a fair-sized backpack like the Kanken even if you’re not necessarily backpacking. Get this in person at a store instead of online in order to judge the size and comfort of the straps more accurately.

Chances are that when you’re in a city long enough, you’re going to check yourself in a hotel room, Airbnb or hostel. While your backpack can rest there, all you’re going to need to be out and about town is something compact to hold your essentials. Consider getting a small card case, like the Thule Card Case by MAYU, with just enough room to fit some cash, your international cards, and a copy of your passport. For ladies on the go, invest in a sleek sling bag with multiple zippers and magnetic buttons. Pro-tip: The Aurora Wallets on Chain MAYU come in neutral tones that go with all outfits!


3. Know What’s Where

When you’ve got all your essentials on your back, your bag is inevitably going to feel like a magician’s hat. Pick up some zipper pouches that will not only help keep things in place but also help you pack everything you unpack on your trip – we all know this struggle too well. Get yourself a multipurpose jacket that’s warm and waterproof and give brownie points to the ones who pick gear from brands like Patagonia that are doing so much for the planet and have designs with great functionality with lots of pockets to keep important things close!

4. Comfort is Key

As you’ve probably read by now, you’ll be on your feet the large part of your travels. While it’s important to be presentable (and respectful to the culture), it’s equally important to be comfortable. An affordable and easy solution to this is to pack clothes and accessories that take you from sightseeing to bar-hopping all in one outfit! Ladies, you may invest in a few cute and comfortable rompers, short or long based on the climate you’re visiting. Gentlemen, you may browse through Nicobar’scollection of comfortable travel wear! Also pack up your favourite pair of sneakers that go with everything. If you’re the friend in your group who shivers with just a mild breeze, wrap in a cozy little blanket too!

5. Once You’re There

The rise in popularity of backpacking in recent years has opened up a plethora of new activities and opportunities for all. To start with, check yourself in at a community hostel to meet new people with similar interests as you. Make sure that is has been mentioned in blogs written by travelers of experience and that you would have plenty of diverse company once you settle.

We at MAYU strongly believe that when you’re visiting a new country, you’re becoming a part of that culture. Get a basic lay of the land and the language before your travels begin – not only will this help navigate, it will also enrich your travels that much more! If you’re into outdoors, you could hone your self-defense skills and learn a martial art by taking a Muay Thai class in South-East Asia or go hiking on the mountain ranges of Africa; if you’re crafty, collectivist societies like Mexico, Peru and India are always open to tourists interacting with their craftspeople and learning local arts! No matter where you are, AirBnB has something for everyone – whether it’s cooking classes and art to yoga and food & bar crawls – highly recommended by our founder, Mayura!

Taking in and absorbing another culture is the key to having a memorable experience — to take back some of your travels with you, remember to ‘do’ more than you ‘see’!

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