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Power of Sisu: Inspired by Nature and Wildlife

The word Sisu originates from ‘sisus’, which literally means ‘guts’. Could we learn to imbibe it, is nature inspired by concepts like Sisu? What is Sisu? 

Strength of will, determination, perseverance, all seen keenly in the animal kingdom is part of a very powerful compound known as Sisu - a Finnish term which broadly translates as the art of inner strength. This timeless variant of existence has brought about the ability to keep fighting, be brave and the tenacity or the motive to win.

But why Sisu?

It is a concept we are all familiar with, not necessarily by the term but we all at some point in our lives have learnt the significance of being positive and courageous. Sisu is commonly spotted in nature and wildlife which teaches us a lesson on how to rise up and move on, and learn from our previous failures. You'd be surprised how hardworking some members of the animal kingdom are.

They work diligently day and night to survive in the wild, showing various forms of discipline, and hard work.. The effort an ant puts into carrying its food to and fro along with its army shows great teamwork and perseverance. If you put your finger in an ant’s path, it just walks around it casually and soldiers on to where it’s heading. It won’t let the finger hinder its work. Put another obstacle in its way and it still soldiers on to its destination. This is one of the many examples one can take from the animal kingdom. 

Bees are also a great example of high levels of organizational skills as their orderly existence consists of nurses, foragers, cleaners and the queen herself. This level of functional planning makes it possible for further storage of honey. 

Wildlife teaches us things which we never thought could be applied in our lives. Working as an Intern at MAYU, I’ve observed that in an environment that is plummeting with negativity, here amongst all such life exists an environment wherein courage being the key takeaway from the concept of Sisu, is well adapted. MAYU being a women led company, has taken one step ahead in promoting courage and empowering women from the inception of the brand. 

For instance, MAYU was bold enough to take in interns such as me and willingly helps us students to thrive into future entrepreneurs.  It takes courage on MAYU’s part in taking me in (a young and inexperienced) as an intern in these uncertain and times of turmoil for fashion businesses. 

This also inspired me to move forward with perseverance. Starting from pushing through during the harsh lockdowns, working remotely to then physically and yet again remotely, to keeping a balance of mental and physical health, all requires ‘guts’ or Sisu if you’d like !

The power of sisu and the wonders of nature are often missed by the common eye and many a times happen, due to the busy lives that we live. Taking time to appreciate nature and wildlife in the way it has been created is the best therapy and so is doing our bit to preserve and provide the same experience for our future generations. The COVID-19 pandemic especially has brought many of us closer to appreciating and conserving nature. 

 Sisu, especially in the current pandemic, is more relevant than ever before as it holds a great power in enhancing the thought process of the people that are facing difficulties who then come out stronger and more courageous. 

 “With sisu, anything is possible.” 


By Priyanka Jayaprakash

May 22, 2021

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