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The Power of Storytelling

What comes to your mind when you think of ChanelTiffany & Co. or Chopard? Probably the colours, the feelings they invoke and the philosophies they stand upon. There lies the power that these brands we love so much hold: the power of storytelling that we can relate to.

As mass consumerism gradually fades away and is replaced by low-impact consumerism, we see beautiful, young brands building a heritage for themselves based on deep-rooted modern values that say ‘we care’. Just like a child knows a good story when he or she hears it, as adults exposed to endless choices and an overload of information, it becomes important to us to know WHY a brand exists and what it has to say. Today’s conscious consumer thinks about the ‘quality of life’ instead of just ‘standard of living’.

Authentic brand stories inspire and engage the consumer, building love and loyalty. After all, as a brand the most important thing to do is to give people something to believe in! It takes Nike three words to say ‘Just do it’ but the inspiration it carries runs miles deep. Brand stories emerge to become long-term commitment to the people who follow them.

Our story began in a small Nordic region, the land of fire and ice – Iceland, when our founder, Mayura Davda became captivated with the Scandinavian tradition of upcycling discarded fish skins into beautiful and durable leather. This Scandinavian experience formed the pillars of the brand that wanted to take a stand for sustainability in the luxury goods space. As she travels around the world, she continues to collect global cultural nuances that inspire her and translate into the creations of M A Y U – a global luxury brand with rooted values.

The voice of M A Y U reaches out to the movers and shakers of the world and people with a passion for luxury that makes a difference. Every piece we craft has travelled across the world and comes with its own tale. These pieces build into the idea of owning luxury that brings value and is of value. We craft lasting heritage, that can be treasured and passed on – just like the best stories we’ve heard…

Our latest collection La Movida tells the tales from Madrid. Check out the collection here

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