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Three ways to Mindfulness this year

We’re continuing this year on a mindful note. Mindfulness is a psychological process of bringing all of one’s attention to the present moment, being conscious of the consequences of the choices you make everyday and in the present. Here are a few tips on how, when going about your daily life, you can practice mindfulness in some ways!

1. Mind your plate:

Aim to make your meals as organic and wholesome as possible. Having being proven to be more environmentally benefitting than artificially grown food, organic food also contains antioxidants that mitigate cell damage. Begin by choosing organic for something you eat abundantly and incorporate more of it later if you decide to go that route. An easy way to do this is by carefully reading the labels of food you are consuming. Try  to find alternatives that are produced without synthetic interference, pesticides, adulteration or preservatives. These alternatives are far less likely to create an adverse impact on the land they’re grown on, and they ensure a transparent cycle between the producer and consumer. This small step can go a long way in solving  multiple issues that you, the farmers and the planet face, everyday. Food is not just calories, it is information. It talks to your body and tells it what to do, hence being mindful about the portion you serve on your plate determine your health overall. Don’t just eat less — eat right.

2. Add a little green to your wardrobe:

Be more aware of the impact of your shopping decisions. Ask yourself “what is this product made of?”, “what materials were used to make them?”. It’s not about quantity, but quality, for yourself, for the people that made them, for the environment from which it came and to which it will eventually return.

For instance, hyde-leather, which is durable and trendy, actually misuses coal-tar derivatives, and various oils, dyes, and is cyanide-based. These are all just jargon for one concept – toxicity. A sustainable alternative to this leather is fish leather. M A Y U products are exquisitely designed and finely crafted out of European fish leather tanned using natural vegetable dyes. It has various ecological and economical benefits!

In terms of clothes, switch to buying artisanal wear so you can be sure that you’re wearing what you believe in. Invest in organic cotton wear and linen to reduce the negative environmental and social impact of synthetic materials like nylon.

3. Let your skin breathe:

Take full control over what goes in and on your body.

While the goal is to keep your skin healthy , with so many options out there, it can be overwhelming to decide which products are cruelty-free, non-comedogenic and which work best for your skin. More often than not, this combination is hard to find. For example, although some cosmetic brands have effective products, they use parabens and test on animals. Try to opt  for brands that practice in-vitro testing, make products that do not clog your pores and ensure preserving their products naturally.

While the most important thing is to find ingredients that work well with your skin, choosing economical and natural alternatives to skincare products like steam treatments and staying hydrated can help you to take those steps towards being mindful when it comes to your skin routine!

Being mindful isn’t only about what you’re putting in, but also about what you’re letting out. The environment isn’t always a surrounding, sometimes it’s a mirror that reflects back on the decisions we make everyday — a habit we can change, together.

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