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World Environment Day – The Mask Challenge

World Environment Day 2019 taught us something important – we can all make our voices heard in our own innovative way. The theme for this year’s World Environment Day, hosted by China, was #Beat AirPollution. The mask challenge called out to everybody who wanted to make themselves heard by the World leaders so that we can start making a change in the way we handle the waste that is put out into the planet. Of course, we jumped right in!

We decided to pull back our sleeves and bring the awareness and education to the grassroot levels. We distributed protective masks to the ‘Auto-wallas’ (tuk-tuk drivers) – the men who drive us around in their tuk-tuks amidst the toxic emissions. Before ] handing these out, we explained to them about the kind of toxic fumes that vehicles emit and how it affects our planet. While air pollution was probably the last thing on their list of worries, this educational drive definitely got them curious and asking questions!
We are constantly looking for ways to be kind to each other and help one another grow. If you have any projects at hand that you think the MAYU tribe can help materialise by being a part of it, get in touch with us at

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