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Began in a shing village of Iceland where our founder was exploring the landscapes and chasing Auroras. ere she stumbled upon something interesting - a sustainably made material dating back to over 5000 years. e Nordic tradition of upcycling discarded fish skins inspired Mayura to incorporate responsibility into design thinking and create a luxury brand with a modern voice and a traditional core.

With the thought of being able to create shared value through conscious products, we are reaching out to explorers, movers, dreamers and shakers. ‘MAYU’ is derived from ‘Mayura’, which in Japanese means ‘gentleness’ and ‘superiority’. ese ualities represent our community, a group of empowered individuals who understand the responsibility that luxury comes with.


“I am taking the stories behind the craft, culture, tradition, artisans and weaving them into the story of my own life — taking it forward as a legacy that deserves to be continued”

Self-described as a modern woman with a traditional core, our Founder and Creative Director, Mayura is in pursuit of broadening horizons through sustainable social change. Passionate about art, design, culture, entrepreneurship, and social good, her personal style is rooted in classic and simple designs, a trait that has informed the design philosophy of MAYU. is is why we are more than a brand — it’s the start of something that has been cultivating within Mayura’s spirit over the course of her life.