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Meet M A Y U

Modern luxury is rooted in the idea of having the power to make ethical choices. M A Y U is more than a brand. We are a living, breathing eco-system that creates to inspire sustainable living. M A Y U finds its beginnings in a simple idea that trailed the founder, Mayura Davda-Shah, all the way back to India from Iceland – it was the thought of being able to create shared value through conscious products.

‘M A Y U’ is derived from ‘Mayura’, which, in Japanese means ‘gentleness’ and ‘superiority’. These two contrasting, yet complementary qualities represent the M A Y U tribe, a group of empowered individuals who understand the responsibility that luxury comes with. As a modern brand with a traditional core, we are reaching out to explorers, movers dreamers and shakers.

Our products are exquisitely designed and finely crafted out of European fish leather tanned using natural vegetable dyes. The fish leather that we use originates from Nordic culture that dates back to more than five thousand years. This ingenious solution has been the core of our design process. Fish skin has its own unique tone and finish that stands out from other types of natural leather in terms of both look and durability.

Our leather is sourced from organic fish farms in Ireland, treated with water provided by geothermal plants in Iceland, designed in New York and crafted in India with customised embellishments/trimmings from Hong Kong. With every collection, we bring to you an amalgamation of timeless, global statement pieces that reflect an idea of beauty that is effortless and exists beyond changing styles.

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Meet Mayura

Founder and Creative Head, Mayura is in pursuit of broadening horizons through sustainable social change. Born and raised in India, she has grown up watching her father build and grow multiple successful businesses, all while maintaining the virtue of being kind. “I am taking the stories behind the craft, culture, tradition, artisans and weaving them into the story of my own life — taking it forward as a legacy that deserves to be continued”, she says.

Mayura’s personal style is rooted in classic and simple designs, a trait that has informed the design philosophy of M A Y U. Self-described as a modern woman with a traditional core, she is an avid traveler with a passion for art, design, culture, entrepreneurship, and social good. This is why M A Y U is more than just a brand — it’s the start of something that has been cultivating within Mayura’s spirit over the course of her life.

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